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Integrating Your Core Benefits is a Snap

BenefitHub is Designed for Easy Implementation.



It's Your Benefits Portal.

Set it up your way.

  • Snap your current core benefits into our portal
  • Snap our portal into yours
  • Keep them separate

It’s your choice.

BenefitHub is flexible and future compatible.

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An All-in-One Solution

Easy for you. Easy for IT. Easy for employees.


1. Snap our portal into your existing one

  • Give employees quick access to their new expanded benefits with minimal change to your current program
  • Connecting to your new BenefitHub portal is easy

2. Snap your core benefits into our portal

  • Leverage the power of BenefitHub to easily create one place for your employees to find all benefits and communications
  • Create one or more benefits cards with links to your current programs
  • - Creating a card takes just a few minutes
  • Integrate payroll, eligibility files, carrier information, etc.
  • - Integration takes a little more IT collaboration, but you're in good hands ... we do it all the time

3. Keep the portals separate

  • Some clients prefer simply to add their new BenefitHub program as a new benefit
  • Just share the link and registration information with employees so they can access it directly
  • Get them started immediately


Choose Your Benefits and Tools

Add Yours. Add Ours. Mix Them. Any Time You Want.

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BenefitHub is very customer focused, inclusive, and attentive. Getting it set up was easy!

Wilma S. | Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Fortune 500 Company