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Employees Love being Recognized


Consider recognition an important part of
their happiness at work.1


Think that public recognition has an impact on their ability to get a raise or promotion.1

1Source: Employee Recognition & Retention Survey, Surveymonkey

6 Reasons to Choose Our Rewards Program for Employees


We've got everything from hand-curated experiential rewards to physical products and gift cards. Enable your employees to choose what they really want, and make every achievement, birthday, and work anniversary memorable!  

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A collection of unforgettable activities available domestically and internationally

Company Swag

Your brand on products your employees will love.

Gift Cards

Hundreds of domestic and international gift cards available in 52 countries

Company Exclusives

Custom experiences created by your company

Key Features of the Employee Rewards Solution


Milestone based

Automatically serve rewards
for major milestones

Reward Budget

Assign your rewards budget by
individuals or teams

& Measurability

See who and what is being recognized in your organization in a single interface

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People work so much better when they feel appreciated, and the best way to appreciate them is to recognize their hard work and achievements. Appreciated employees are also far more engaged and stay longer with their employer.

Create a sense of belonging by tying your company values and business goals to individual contributions while driving business results. Recognize your employees and peers in a single and transparent platform.

Add business goal-based tags to truly create a culture of impact or gamify and increase the spirit of healthy competition between teams with virtual trophies and fun badges.

2Source: Employee Recognition & Retention Survey, Surveymonkey



Core Values

Tie recognition to the company’s core values to demonstrate company culture in action.

Business Goal

Align the employee’s individual actions towards larger and company-wide goals.


Peer level sharing of achievements to encourage constant skill upgradation


Manager provided recognition of achievement

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