A Complete Employee Engagement Solution

Attract, retain and motivate the best talent for your business with BenefitHub.

A Different Approach to Engagement

Most employee benefit programs only get engagement around open enrollment.

BenefitHub is different. 

We have designed our employee engagement solution from the ground up to engage employees all year round! And it’s flexible. With a wide range of benefits and perks, you choose what you want. And what you don’t.

It’s an easy win for you and your employees!

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Employee Engagement Solution--Different Approach To Engagement


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Employee Engagement Solution--Engagement-happens-everyday

Engagement Happens Every Day

People make purchasing decision almost every day.  Wouldn’t it be great if they made those decisions in your company-branded benefits portal?

BenefitHub allows your employees to:

  • Access their benefits portal anytime and anywhere.

  • Whether they are at home, traveling or in the office, your employees can enjoy an engaging shopping experience on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

  • Save on just about anything!
  • From booking a vacation with their kids to planning insurance with their spouse, their benefits portal will become an integral part of their daily lifestyle.

86% of our clients’ employees say their benefits portal is an important part of their benefits package. Why not make it a part of yours?

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Employees Love BenefitHub

Big savings. Every day. All the brands they love.

Now in our 20th year, BenefitHub reaches millions of employees across the globe.

  • One stop shopping – everything in one place
  • Expanded range of benefits, including direct bill voluntary benefits
  • Amazing deals on thousands of brands ranging from restaurants, to tickets, to new cars
  • Great local deals
  • The best cash back offers in America
  • Designed for mobile, they can shop anywhere
  • Employees can save $4,900* each year!
*Based on a normal household annual expenditure of $26,680 on health, finance, and consumer purchases
Engagement happens everyday

With two teenagers, we save every week with the movie and restaurant deals.

Peter C. | Sales Manager, Technology Company

Employers Love BenefitHub

Easy to set up. Easy to manage. Easy to use.

Whether you want to integrate your current core benefits with BenefitHub or keep them separate, our platform is flexible enough to accommodate companies of all sizes.

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