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Reward. Engage. Energize.

It’s what we do for millions of employees.


BenefitHub: Fully Customizable Employee Benefits & Rewards

A Fully Customizable Benefits & Rewards Platform

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Discounts & Perks

Exclusive discounts at over
100,000 national and local merchants
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Voluntary Benefits

A complete portfolio of work place benefits that are 100% employee paid

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Health Plans

Unbeatable group heath insurance for businesses and individuals

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Wellness Rewards

Reward healthy behavior and activities with connectivity to all fitness tracking devices

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Purchase Programs

Enable employees to purchase products and pay for them over 12 months interest free

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Financial Wellness

Help employees take control of their day-to-day and long-term finances

Choose only what you want.

It’s simple, easy, and best of all it’s FREE!

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That’s why 5 of the top 10 largest employers use BenefitHub

  • Some of the companies with BenefitHub
  • Some of the companies with BenefitHub
  • Some of the companies with BenefitHub
  • Some of the companies with BenefitHub
  • Some of the companies with BenefitHub

So do thousands of others – both big and small.

Get Setup In Minutes

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1. Create Your BenefitHub
  • Choose your URL (web address).
  • Name your BenefitHub.
  • Upload your logo.
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2. Choose Your Employee Benefits
  • Select from over 300 insurance providers, as well as thousands of discount vendors.
  • Select only the employee benefits you want.
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3. Customize with Ease
  • Click and drag interface.
  • Group offers into custom sections.
  • Upload images, forms, PDFs, videos & more.
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4. Invite Your Employees
  • Invite your employees via email or bulk upload.
  • Use our customizable templates for launch flyers and emails to get the word out.
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